How to add Mathjax for your WordPress

MathJax allows you to include mathematics in your web pages, either using LaTeX, MathML, or AsciiMath notation, and the mathematics will be processed using JavaScript to produce HTML, SVG or MathML equations for viewing in any modern browser.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to add Mathjax on WordPress. As a result, you can write beautiful math formula on WordPress as in LaTeX.


The Mathjax configuration on Math.StackExchange is a good example. Hence I would like give an example of adding Mathjax for WordPress by using the code from Math.StackExchange, see the following. First let us copy the following code.

Add Mathjax in WordPress

Now we are going to add it for your WordPress Theme. First, go to the Dashboard of WordPress, click the Appearance button on the left sidebar.


Then click the Editor button.


Click the file footer.php (I prefer add it in the footer part rather than head).


Now we only need paste the Mathjax code in footer.php. Make sure the code is before . We are done.


Some examples

Here are some examples of LaTeX codes.

System of equations

Here is the LaTeX code for the system of equations.

The result is\[
a_1x+b_1y+c_1z=d_1 \\
a_2x+b_2y+c_2z=d_2 \\
If you don’t need the big bracket, then omit \left\{ and \right. from the above code.
The LaTex code.

a_1x+b_1y+c_1z=d_1 \\
a_2x+b_2y+c_2z=d_2 \\

An integral of a function\[\int_{a}^{b} \! f(x)\,\mathrm{d}x\]is generated by the LaTex code

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