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LaTeX & MathJax basic tutorial – Crossing things out

Crossing things out

Use \require{cancel} in the first formula in your post that requires cancelling; you need it only once per page. Then use:

\verb|y+\cancel{x}| & y+\cancel{x}\\
\verb|\cancel{y+x}| & \cancel{y+x}\\
\verb|y+\bcancel{x}| & y+\bcancel{x}\\
\verb|y+\xcancel{x}| & y+\xcancel{x}\\
\verb|y+\cancelto{0}{x}| & y+\cancelto{0}{x}\\
\verb+\frac{1\cancel9}{\cancel95} = \frac15+& \frac{1\cancel9}{\cancel95} = \frac15 \\

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LaTeX & MathJax basic tutorial – Arrays


It is often easier to read tables formatted in MathJax rather than plain text or a fixed width font. Arrays and tables are created with the array environment. Just after \begin{array} the format of each column should be listed, use c for a center aligned column, r for right aligned, l for left aligned and a | for a vertical line. Just as with matrices, cells are separated with & and rows are broken using \\. A horizontal line spanning the array can be placed before the current line with \hline.

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LaTeX & MathJax basic tutorial – Symbols & Cases


In general, you have to search in long tables about a specific symbol you’re looking for, things like $\Psi$, $\delta$, $\zeta$, $\ge$, $\subseteq$ … And it turns out that this operation can be frustrating and time consuming, which can cause the buddy to abandon writing the complete $\LaTeX$ sentence in his answer, or in some cases, the complete answer itself.

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LaTeX & MathJax basic tutorial – Matrices


  1. Use $$\begin{matrix}…\end{matrix}$$ In between the \begin and \end, put the matrix elements. End each matrix row with \\, and separate matrix elements with & . For example,

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How to add Mathjax for your WordPress

MathJax allows you to include mathematics in your web pages, either using LaTeX, MathML, or AsciiMath notation, and the mathematics will be processed using JavaScript to produce HTML, SVG or MathML equations for viewing in any modern browser.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to add Mathjax on WordPress. As a result, you can write beautiful math formula on WordPress as in LaTeX.

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