LaTeX & MathJax basic tutorial – Aligned equations

Aligned equations

Often people want a series of equations where the equals signs are aligned. To get this, use \begin{align}…\end{align}. Each line should end with \\, and should contain an ampersand at the point to align at, typically immediately before the equals sign.

For example,

\sqrt{37} & = \sqrt{\frac{73^2-1}{12^2}} \\
& = \sqrt{\frac{73^2}{12^2}\cdot\frac{73^2-1}{73^2}} \\
& = \sqrt{\frac{73^2}{12^2}}\sqrt{\frac{73^2-1}{73^2}} \\
& = \frac{73}{12}\sqrt{1 – \frac{1}{73^2}} \\
& \approx \frac{73}{12}\left(1 – \frac{1}{2\cdot73^2}\right)

is produced by

The usual $$ marks that delimit the display may be omitted here.

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