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You may experience times that you don’t have access to TV or you don’t have a TV license but the game of interests is about to start. You may search for pages to look for useful resources to broadcast the sports/game live but here, look no further. This page presents only the resources that do actually work! It will be updated on regular basics to ensure to save your time.

This provides a few useful/valid resources to watch sports, tv (e.g. CCTV5) and other programme online, just in your browser for free!

Enjoy the game and make a tea for yourself. Sometimes the game will be live on Youtube, but most of the cases, it will be the video streaming. Please note that, I don’t actually host the video streaming on my host but only keep the useful resources in this page.

How to Watch CCTV5? Live CCTV5 Broadcast

The following are the free/fast resources to watch the TV/Sports:

As long as you have internet access, you can watch TV Online even without a TV!

Please also see other version of this page here.

Supported Devices to Watch TV/Sports

You can use almost all smart phones and tablets (including iPhone, iPad, Andorid phones) to watch the TV programme using modern broswer (HTML5). There is no limit to the your geo location, so you can bookmark this page and enjoy watching live video in USA, UK, Canda, France, Australia, New Zeland, Japan and many other countries worldwide.

How to Download Live TV Videos?

You may use this online video tool to download/save live videos.